Space and Rocket Decor

If you're interested in rockets and space travel, you'll love our Space collection. From eye-catching lamps that depict rocket launches to detailed models of modern spacecraft, we have a wide range of rocket decor and space-themed items. Whether you're buying a gift for a space lover or something to show off your own interest in outer space, these items will make a great addition to a home or office.

Rocket Launch Lamps

Falcon Heavy Lamp

These 3D printed rocket launch lamps are some of our favorite products and make great decor items. With the LED light base lighting up the exhaust plume of the rocket, they give the effect that the rocket is actually lifting off the pad. It's a cool appearance, and is a cool conversation starter even with people who aren't space enthusiasts.

With lamps depicting the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Starship prototype, and other rockets, you can pick your favorite design or just the one you think will look the coolest lifting off from your desk. 

Each lamp is between 9 and 12 inches tall, depending on the model, so they'll definitely stand out. Our lamps plug into the wall with an included USB wall plug and include a convenient on/off switch on the cord. The lamp emits a nice glow, although it won't illuminate a room as well as a normal lamp. It's more of an accent piece than a primary light source for the room.

Space Display Models

SpaceX Endeavour Dragon Model

We're in an exciting and unprecedented time in history for space travel, with companies such as SpaceX, Boeing, and Blue Origin all actively developing and testing new rocket and spacecraft designs. Each rocket and capsule has unique design choices and trade-offs that make it better suited to its design goals, but there's no denying that every spaceship design looks futuristic and cool. 

Many of these space models are also currently in the news and making history right now. For example, the SpaceX Dragon capsule model shown here was the first privately-launched spacecraft to carry humans into orbit in 2020.

We've collected our favorite designs and made them into display models sized to fit on your desk or shelf. These models aren't as flashy as our rocket lamps, which makes them a better fit for a professional office setting. Each model also includes a display stand with the name of the spacecraft.

If you're buying a gift for a space nerd, they'd love a model of one of these modern spacecraft. You can trust us on that....because we're space nerds, too.

Space-Themed Christmas Ornaments

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Ornament

We also offer a selection of space-themed Christmas ornaments. Whether you're a space enthusiast yourself or have kids who are enamored with outer space, these ornaments will look great on your tree and have a fun significance for people who recognize the designs.

We currently offer a SpaceX Dragon ornament and a Falcon 9 ornament--two exciting spacecraft designs that are currently writing the modern history of space travel. As an added bonus, these ornaments are some of the most affordable options in our lineup, so they make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the space enthusiast in your life.

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If you're into space travel, we know you'll find something you'll love in our space collection. Check it out here.