5 Gift Ideas For Your CrossFit Coach

Al Billington

Finding the right gift for your CrossFit coach can be a challenge--we all know that workout gear is a personal choice and may not be the best gift, but you can’t go with the Starbucks gift card again. Don’t worry, there are plenty of unique gifts out there that are perfect for those who have made CrossFit a lifestyle.

At LifterGifts, we’re here to help you find the right gift for Christmas, your CrossFit anniversary, or your coach’s birthday. Most of our own items can be personalized with your coach’s name or the name of their box to add a unique touch. If you’d rather go for something artsy, we’ve found some cool decorative CrossFit art that we can point you to.

So before you go the gift card route, check out the list below--we think you’ll find something awesome for your coach.

 Weight Plate Clock

Looking for something big? Our weight plate clock is what you want. Available in sizes up to 18”, this clock is the perfect finishing touch for the wall of your home gym or local CrossFit box. You also have the option of personalizing the text on the clock, which would make it a memorable gift for your coach or a friend who is a gym owner.

Our weight plate clock is available starting at $43 on our site.

Fitness-Themed Keychains

Fitness keychains

These keychains from WodAndFit are pocket-sized versions of some of the things you use every day in your workouts. This would be a great gift if your coach has a set of keys for the box. We’ve linked to a keychain set that includes a few fitness charms and a motivational word, but check out the entire WodAndFit store for more keychains.

Squat Rack Pencil Holder

Believe it or not, life as a CrossFit coach is more than just making you sweat. Your coach probably spends some time at a desk, too. No one enjoys doing paperwork, but you can make it a little more fun with our squat rack pencil holder. It’s a lot more fun than the basic cup-style pencil holder, and every time your coach picks up a pencil they’ll get a moment of joy as they’re reminded of the next WOD they’re going to put you through.

Buy it here

Dumbbell Wall Art
Dumbbell wall art

If your coach has an office, there are only so many workout routines and muscle diagrams they can use to decorate the walls. You can help them class up the place with this cool dumbbell wall art. It looks awesome and would look good in any room, from a gym to a home office. These are available in a variety of sizes, so you can pick the one that will fit your coach’s space best.


These are just a few ideas - check out our store for more! We have wall clocks, desk planters, and many other items that your coach would love.

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